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We currently have Three (3) Virtual Golf Simulators. All three machines now have new video projectors, so Indoor Golfing will be even better and brighter than before. Currently available for your birthday celebrations or gatherings, as well as normal daily play and league events.

Tee times are required so please call ahead before stopping by!
You can reserve a tee time by calling us at (740) 522-3464 or by emailing us at info@burningtreegc.com

We offer the following courses for virtual golf:

– Abegweit Crossing (Canada)

– Amendoeira Faldo (Portugal)

– Amendoeira O’Conner (Portugal)

– Bro Balsta (Sweden)

– Chinook Cascadia (Washington, USA)

– Cougar Ridge (Colorado, USA)

– Devils Garden (Arizona, USA)

– El Cortante (Spain)

– English Oaks (England)

– Estonian Country (Estonia)

– Foothill Lakes (Oregon, USA)

– Georgetown Inlet (South Carolina, USA)

– Grief Point Meadows (Virginia, USA)

– Hanauma Cliffs (Hawaii, USA)

– Heretic (Idaho, USA)

– Hollow (Mississippi, USA)

– Howatt Gardens (England)

– Klawhammer Crag (Norway)

– Kungsangen Kings (Sweden)

– Linna (Finland)

– Oxie (Sweden)

– Pine Springs (South Dakota, USA)

– Preserve (Kenya)

– Quinault (North Carolina, USA)

– Renaissance Golf & Country Club (Ohio, USA)

– Richland Country Club (Florida, USA)

– Russet Hills (Connecticut, USA)

– Sharjah (United Arab Emirates)

– Spruce Plains (North Dakota, USA)

You can view more details about these courses here: http://www.sports-coach.com/Golf-Simulator/Course-Library.aspx

Disclaimer: Please be advised ALL ALCOHOL MUST BE PURCHASED IN THE CLUBHOUSE FOR USE WHILE GOLFING, due to the fact the Liquor License issued to Burning Tree Golf Course does NOT permit beverages brought onto the golf course. ALL alcoholic beverages  must be purchased in the BT Clubhouse for use on the golf course. BT Golf Course reserves the right to have The Ranger verify purchased beverages. Thank you for your understanding.